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General Overview Of Bearing Housings

Released on Feb. 07, 2020

I. Role

The custom bearing housing manufacturer believes:

As a close partner of the bearing, the bearing seat plays an important role in the entire shafting. It is generally located at both ends of the shaft, and its main function is to support and fix the bearing, so that the shaft and its connecting parts have a certain positional relationship. In addition, the bearing housing is generally equipped with a sealing device to reduce bearing pollution.


The main materials for manufacturing bearing housings are cast steel (such as ZG45), gray cast iron (such as HT200), nodular cast iron (such as QT400-17), or stainless steel. Rolling mill bearing housings are mainly cast steel.

The choice of bearing housing blank is related to its material, structure and size. For small bearing holes, steel die casting is generally used, or solid castings can be used. For larger hole sizes, sand casting is used. For mass production, steel die casting is generally used to increase productivity and save materials.


Bearing housing can be divided into split bearing housing, integral bearing housing, flange bearing housing, outer spherical bearing housing and so on according to its structure. The rolling mill is mainly used for integral bearing housings.

Fourth, the technical points

Bearing Housings

Bearing Housing

(1) Inner hole

The inner hole is the most important surface of the bearing seat for supporting and positioning. It cooperates with the outer ring of the bearing. The dimensional accuracy of the diameter of the inner hole is generally 7th grade, and the high degree of accuracy is generally 6th grade. The shape accuracy of the inner hole is generally controlled within the range of the hole tolerance. For the bearing housing with high precision, the shape tolerance is controlled to 1 / 3 ~ 1/2. In addition to cylindricalness and coaxiality, the straightness requirements of the hole axis should also be considered.

In order to ensure the function of the part and improve its wear resistance, the surface roughness of the inner hole is generally Ra3.2 ~ Ra1.6.

(2) Distance from hole axis to ground

Ensure the parallelism and size requirements of the base and the upper cover.

Five, the maintenance of the bearing seat

Bearing housings, like bearings, must be regularly maintained and maintained to identify problems early and solve them early, improving productivity and economy. After the bearing seat is removed, the inside of the bearing seat is cleaned to remove impurities; then observe whether the aperture surface is worn or bumped; then check the shape and dimensional accuracy of the aperture surface to see if it meets the current requirements, if necessary For repair or scrap disposal.


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