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Energy-Saving Technology And Measures For Domestic Foundry Production

Released on Apr. 11, 2019

Hanger Bearing Units supplier would like to share the energy-saving technology and measures for domestic foundry production for you.

Casting industry is a large energy consuming industry, which is restricted by high energy consumption, low energy efficiency, serious pollution and poor economic benefits. It is an important task for foundry industry to use energy rationally and save energy. Here Kadi foundry machinery factory sorted out the relevant information to share with you. Energy-saving technology and energy-saving measures include the following aspects.

1. Recovery and reuse of old sand

In the developed industrial countries in Europe and America, the reuse of old sand has always been a major research topic, and good research results have been achieved, and has been put into industrial production. When casting nonferrous metal parts, cast iron parts and steel castings. According to the sintering temperature of the old sand, the old sand was regenerated by mechanical method. The regeneration rates were approximately 90%, 80% and 70% respectively. The combination of old sand reuse and wet process regeneration is the most economical and ideal choice. The quality of 90% old sand is close to that of new sand. The British company Richard USES thermal regeneration, which can improve the regeneration rate of lO % ~ 20%. Moreover, the cost recovery period of the complete set of equipment for reclaiming used sand by hot process is short, and the cost can be recovered after two years of operation. The quality of the recovered zirconium sand is better than that of the new sand. In the us, where the foundry industry consumes about 5m tonnes of sand a year, BastianKC and AllemanJE found that used sand is used for highway subgrade materials. It can completely meet the performance requirements of the materials used in highway construction. Its performance is also better than the same variety of new sand. 

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2. Recycling and reuse of binders

Steel Casting Piping Pumps Supplier tells you that more and more attention has been paid to green sand core inorganic binder and sand treatment and regeneration technology. Laempe company Beach - BoX inorganic binder is the fluid contain a variety of minerals, sand core sand with 95% and 5% binder, with dry process in addition to the core, such as casting binder residue in sand, to activate the binder, as long as with 2.5% of the water can be reused many times without having to add new binder, this means that in the production of each batch of the maximum amount of binder and only 1.6% through water to binder composition of chemical reaction and hardening, can use time is unlimited, but should not be more than 70% relative humidity, sand mixing good seal can be stored for a long time. FoundryAutomation and MEG's binder is in powder form. It is used in aluminum alloy core making, storage and pouring process without gas, and there is no environmental problem caused by resin binder. The water of wet sand cleaning can be reused 85%, and the recycled material can be reused 100%.

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