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Motor bearing installation steps

Released on Nov. 07, 2019

First, cleaning, inspection and insulation pad requirements

1. Cleaning and inspection of bearing bush

Large motor bearings are shipped separately. After unpacking, first remove the upper and lower tiles with the eyebolts and mark them with kerosene. Dry them with a dry cloth and check that all the grooves are clean and there are no residual sand. The tungsten gold layer is not well integrated with the tile body.

2. Cleaning and inspection of the bearing housing

Before the bearing housing is installed, it should also be thoroughly cleaned. Scrape the dirt in the inner cavity of the bearing housing with a scraper, wipe the dirt with cloth or gasoline to check for cracks and blisters to prevent oil leakage during operation. The joint surface of the bearing cap and the bearing seat, the joint surface of the bearing seat and the bearing oil retaining ring shall be ground and scraped and checked with a feeler gauge, and the gap shall not exceed 0.03 mm. The surface of the bottom plate on which the bearing housing is placed should also be cleaned and free from bumps, rust and burrs. The screws that secure the housing and the thread of the seat plate should be inspected carefully, and the screws should be tested to check if they are too tight or bald.

3, bearing insulation structure

An insulating or metal gasket must be placed between the bearing and the bottom plate. The metal gasket is used to adjust the horizontal position of the seat. To adjust the relative position of the motor and the other motor or machine that is connected. The insulating mat is made of a cloth laminate or a glass laminate. The purpose of placing the insulating mat is to prevent the damage of the shaft current. The insulation pad should be 5~10 mm wider than each side of the bearing housing and 3~10 mm thick. In addition to placing an insulating mat between the zinc alloy bearing and the base plate, the screws and studs should also be insulated. The tubing gasket insulating mat that is connected to the bearing housing can be made of a rubber plate having a thickness of 1 to 2 mm. After the insulated bearing housing is installed, the insulation resistance to the ground shall be checked and measured with a 500 volt megger. The resistance shall be not less than 1 megohm.

Pillow Blocks

Pillow Blocks

Second, the installation

Both the individual motor bearings and the multi-bearings of the unit should be mounted on the main longitudinal axis of the coupled machine or on the longitudinal axis of the unit. The center of the bearing is measured by hanging wire and wire hammer.

Adjust the position of the shaft in the seat, starting from the bearing housing on the far side, and check the level of these planes with a level gauge on the steel casting pillow block bearing.

In the process of adjusting the bearing seat according to the above method, in the process of eliminating the deviation, the utility model is applied to the jack type tool to move the bearing seat, and the method of impacting and hammering is not adopted. The accuracy error of adjusting the bearing housing by this method is about 0.5~1.0 mm. It should be pointed out that the installation adjustment of the bearing housing is only pre-adjustment, and it is also adjusted when centering to achieve the requirement of the same axis. After the bearing housing is pre-adjusted, just tighten the screws evenly, and the insulating sleeve and the stabilizing nails can be temporarily placed, and then the centering work is completed or released before the test.

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