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Customers are very satisfied with the products we produce

Released on May. 13, 2019

We are the Aluminum Casting Manufacturer China.This is a new Australian customer, the customer was previously produced in Germany products, this is the first time in China production, so specially brought equipment to come over inspection, testing about half of the product, and finally the customer concluded that the quality is very good. Although the product looks very simple, but the process is not simple, the material material of the product is AS2837-1986 GR420, first of all, the material forging molding, and then through the machining, vacuum heat treatment and other processes. Because of the customer's special requirements for the rough finish inside and outside the product, we finally grind the rough finish of the inner and outer circle of the product, while also polishing the external circle, and the rough finish of the outer circle of the final product reaches 0.009. The product has been accepted, and in a few days it will be sent across the ocean to the hands of customers.

That's all for the sharing,and if you have any demand for our products,welcome to purchase our stainless steel casting parts for sale.

Aluminum Casting Manufacturer China

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