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Notes for safe production in casting enterprises in summer(part 2)

Released on Jun. 17, 2019

5. Equipment and material safety

Large steel castings manufacturer shares that key management and inspection shall be carried out on large equipment and units, and safety management personnel shall do a good job in supervision and inspection. Each equipment, high tower, etc. is grounded for lightning protection according to the requirements of the code; In case of strong winds above 6, all construction personnel and working personnel on high ground should stop construction. Pay attention to the site drainage work, ensure the drainage smooth; All the safety facilities on the site should be checked and protected, especially the safety protection devices and facilities should be checked regularly to keep them in good condition in case of accidents.

6. Fire safety

Implement the fire prevention system, fire control facilities are fully equipped, strict control of open fire operations, no unauthorized wiring, at the same time to strengthen the storage and use management of inflammable and explosive goods.

7. Special operation certificate is safe

Strengthen the management of special operation personnel, supervise and check to be on duty with certificates, eliminate the occurrence of illegal operation, put the responsibility of production safety into practice and implement it to everyone.

8. Do safety work and protection work in bad weather such as wind, thunder, lightning and rainstorm

Departments concerned should pay attention to the weather forecast, timely grasp the wind, rain, heat and other bad weather, expected to be bad weather emergency accidents and accident emergency plan, strengthen the technical training, the treatment scheme of worker familiar with power outages and other accidents, improve the ability of employees to prevent accidents, prepared emergency safety work in a timely and effective manner.

Large steel castings manufacturer

9. Do a good job in flood prevention and drainage

Due to the heavy rain in summer, all departments should clean up the trenches and rain drainage, maintain unimpeded, no blockage, no oil pollution and ensure the drainage pipe unimpeded. Ensure that in the case of continuous heavy rain, the rainwater within the plant can be discharged in time, and there is no water in each device area.

10. Prevent toxic gas leakage, poisoning and other safety work

With the advent of summer high temperature weather, the oil products in hydrogen sulfide and other toxic gas volatilization, diffusion speed, contact with toxic gas post operators are easy to occur toxic gas poisoning. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the work of preventing toxic gas poisoning.

Of course, there are many things to be aware of during the summer production process, and these are just a few of them. "Safety first, prevention first" policy requires us to do a good job safety precautions, try to avoid or reduce the occurrence of dangerous accidents. In the process of work, as long as we remember the safety of this string, do a good job of safety precautions, especially targeted safety protection measures, our safety production work can prevent.

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