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Heat resistant steel castings related to heat treatment of four fires

Released on Jul. 24, 2019

Heat resistant steel castings related to heat treatment of four fires shared by Steel Casting Bearing Housing Manufacturer.

Heat treatment industry has to be mentioned when it comes to heat resistant steel castings. Mention heat treatment, we have to mention four industrial fire, annealing, normalizing, quenching, tempering. Today, we're going to talk about the difference.

A, annealing

The idea is to slowly heat the metal to a certain temperature, hold it for a while, and then slowly cool it to room temperature. Think about it. You cook a bowl of noodles, but it's too hot.

Second, normalizing

It is a heat treatment process that heats the metal to 30~50℃ above the critical temperature and cools it in the air after proper insulation time. Sounds like normalizing and annealing. However, normalizing cooling speed slightly faster, production cycle is short. For example, if you want to eat noodles, add a fan to blow, often can be faster to late noodles, that is, can get the product faster, so annealing and normalizing can also meet the performance requirements of parts, as far as possible to choose normalizing. If annealing and normalizing are brothers, quenching and tempering are good partners.

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Three, quenching

It is the heating of a metal to a point above which the internal structure and state of the metal changes - austenitization. We need a certain amount of time for the metal to undergo this change, and then to cool it at a rate greater than the critical cooling rate to get a steady martensite or lower bainite structure. After quenching, martensite structure is obtained, but the internal structure of this structure state is extremely unbalanced. Although the hardness is high, but the plasticity, toughness is poor, brittleness is also large. Therefore, the hardened metal will not leave the factory as a finished product, after all, the manufacturer is not stupid, after all, this can not be processed. Phone screens, for example, are made of brittle metal and nobody wants them. Therefore, the role of tempering is reflected!

Four, tempering

After the metal has been hardened, it is heated to a temperature below the critical temperature. Insulation for a period of time, so that the metal structure can be evenly distributed and then cooled to room temperature, you can get both a certain strength, hardness, and a certain degree of plasticity, toughness of the finished product. This is a perfect example of 1+1 > 2!

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