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Advantages and protection of aluminum casting

Released on Oct. 23, 2019

Aluminum casting plays a very important role in the current industry and has a wide range of applications in many industries. With the continuous development of society, people's needs for life are also getting higher and higher, and the demand for aluminum casting process is also increasing. When we use and use the aluminum casting process, whether we know the advantages of aluminum casting, aluminum casting factory will take you to understand some advantages of aluminum casting.

Aluminum castings, not only from the use of materials, but also from other aspects, have some advantages that other castings do not have, mainly as follows:

(1) It is beautiful in appearance and light in quality, which can facilitate transportation, etc. And in cars, it's a big plus.

(2) The density of aluminum alloy, obviously less than cast iron, cast steel, but corrosion resistant aluminum castings in the strength and corrosion resistance, it is much higher. Therefore, with the same load weight, the use of aluminum casting can greatly reduce the weight of the structure.

(3) For the surface of aluminum alloy, its surface gloss is very good, and the casting performance is good.

Aluminum casting is a new technology with electromagnetic pump low pressure casting technology as the core, aluminum smelting and forming composite purification technology and manufacturing core. It is inevitable to encounter some problems in the use and storage of aluminum castings.

(1) The preservation environment of aluminum casting products, temperature and humidity are suitable for mold growth.

(2) the surface of aluminum casting products is mixed with supersolution substances, which will automatically absorb water into the air to form galvanic cell corrosion reaction, creating an environment suitable for mold growth.

(3) due to the corrosion reaction of galvanic cell, the surface of aluminum casting precipitates out alkaline compounds, the temperature and humidity are suitable after delirium, and mold grows rapidly.

(4) the surface of aluminum casting products has soil suitable for mold growth, such as grease and plant fiber. Once the humidity and temperature are suitable, mold will grow rapidly.

Yacht Body

Yacht Body

In order to prevent mold of aluminum casting, the aluminum casting production and processing should be paid attention to.

(1) source of intrusion gas for casting control: strictly control the content of gassy material and moisture in molding sand and core sand.

(2) control the air permeability and compactness of the sand mold: the worse the air permeability of the sand mold, the higher the compactness, and the greater the tendency of invasive pores; The compactness of sand mould should be reduced as far as possible under the condition of ensuring the strength of sand mould. It is an effective measure to improve the permeability of sand mold to adopt the method of surface sand thickening back sand.

(3) improve the exhaust ability of sand mold and sand core: air vent is fixed on the casting mold to help exhaust, keep the air vent of sand core unimpeded, and air riser is set on the top of aluminum casting; Adopt reasonable pouring system.

(4) proper increase of pouring temperature: increase of pouring temperature can make the invading gas have enough time to discharge; During pouring, the pouring height and speed should be controlled to ensure the smooth flow and filling of liquid metal.

(5) improve the melting quality of liquid metal: reduce the sulfur content in liquid iron as far as possible to ensure the fluidity of liquid iron; Prevent excessive oxidation of liquid metal, reduce the resistance of gas discharge.

Only when we have a better understanding of the aluminum casting process and the advantages and properties of the aluminum casting process, can we make better use of the aluminum casting process to develop science and technology, to custome aluminum casting products.

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