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What are the requirements for lightweighting aluminum castings?

Released on Oct. 14, 2019

Casting is the basis of manufacturing, providing castings for a wide range of mainframe products. With the rapid development of science and technology, the host products are developing towards multi-functionality, rate, low energy consumption and green environmental protection; the product structure is developing towards light weight, thin wall, miniaturization and art; The requirements are to develop in the direction of lightweight, toughening, precision, consistency, and cutting. Casting technology is developing in the direction of light, thin, refined, strong, tough and high quality, low cost and short process. Casting production towards new alloying, compounding, production automation, mold accuracy, testing procedures, production process clean, energy saving, people-oriented development.

Aluminum alloy is to add appropriate amount of other elements in industrial pure aluminum, so that the essence of aluminum can be good to meet the various needs of industry and people's lives. Because of its small specific gravity, high specific strength and good comprehensive performance, it is widely used in the aviation industry, automobile manufacturing, power meters, tools and civil utensils manufacturing.

In addition to free silicon, aluminum casting also contain a variety of compounds and other inclusions between the metals. Moreover, due to the loose structure of the aluminum casting, there is a possibility that the chemical composition is unevenly segregated, and the unprocessed surface forms a dense oxide film when cooled after casting. If the alkali etching time is short, the aluminum casting may not be completely removed, and the dissolution rate of the cast aluminum is relatively fast due to alkali etching, and the alkali corrosion often causes excessive corrosion of the aluminum casting, thereby causing a change in the tolerance dimension. It may even cause the product to be scrapped. Aluminum has a density of about 1/3 of steel and is the most widely used lightweight material for automotive applications. So what are the lightweight requirements for aluminum castings?

1. Cast aluminum alloy.

The automotive industry is the main market for aluminum castings, such as Japan, 76% of aluminum castings, and 77% of aluminum die castings are automotive castings. Aluminum alloy castings are mainly used in engine cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, pistons, intake manifolds, rocker arms, engine mount brackets, air compressor linkages, transmission housings, clutch housings, wheels, brake parts, handles and cover shell parts, etc. Defects are inevitable in aluminum castings, and the die-casting parts are not heat-treated, so they are limited in the production of high-strength castings using aluminum alloys. To this end, the casting production process has been improved, and the casting forging method and the semi-solid molding method will be more used in the future.

2. Deformed aluminum alloy.

Deformed aluminum alloy refers to aluminum alloy sheet and strip, extruded profiles and forged materials. It is mainly used in automobile bodies for body panels, body frames, engine radiators, air conditioner condensers, evaporators, wheels, decorative parts and suspension system parts. . Due to the obvious weight reduction effect, the application of aluminum alloy on the body is expanding.

3. Aluminum-based composite materials.

Aluminum-based composites have low density, high specific strength and specific modulus, and good thermal fatigue resistance. However, their applications in automobiles are limited by price and production quality control, and have not yet formed a large scale. At present, the testing or use of aluminum-based composite materials on connecting rods, pistons, cylinder bores, brake discs, brake calipers and drive shaft tubes has shown excellent performance.

The above is the main content of the lightweight requirements of aluminum castings. If you want to know more about aluminum castings, you can continue to pay attention to our website. We are a China aluminum casting manufacturer, offering a wide range of casting products and custom aluminum casting products. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

What are the requirements for lightweighting aluminum castings?

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