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Advantages and disadvantages of die casting manufacturing

Released on May. 22, 2019

Advantages and disadvantages of die casting manufacturing

Aluminum Casting Manufacturer China shares that die casting is a precision casting method in which metal is forced into complex metal molds by high pressure. In 1964, Japan die-casting association defined die-casting as "a Casting method in which molten alloys are pressed into precision Casting molds at high temperature and high precision and excellent Casting surface are produced in large quantities within a short period of time ". The United States called die-casting as Die Casting, while the United Kingdom called die-casting as Pressure Die Casting. The castings produced by Die casting are called Die castings.

The tensile strength of these materials is nearly twice as high as that of ordinary casting alloy, which is of more positive significance for the parts of aluminum alloy automobile wheel hubs, car frames and other parts that are expected to be produced with higher strength and impact resistant materials.

Aluminum Casting Manufacturer China

Advantages of die casting include excellent dimensional accuracy. This usually depends on the casting material and typically values an error of 0.1 mm for the initial 2.5 cm dimension and 0.002 mm for each additional 1 cm. Compared with other casting processes, the surface of the casting is smooth and the radius of the rounded corner is about 1-2.5 microns. A casting with a wall thickness of approximately 0.75 mm can be made as opposed to a sandbox or permanent die casting. It can be directly cast internal structure, such as silk sleeve, heating elements, high strength bearing surface. Other advantages include the ability to reduce or avoid secondary machining, high speed of production, casting tensile strength up to 415 mpa, and the ability to cast highly mobile metals.

The biggest disadvantage of die casting is its high cost. Casting equipment and molds and mold-related components are expensive compared to other casting methods. Therefore, it is more economical to produce large quantities of die castings. Other disadvantages include that the process is only suitable for highly mobile metals and that the casting quality must be between 30g and 10kg. [5] in normal die-casting, there are always pores in the last batch of castings. Therefore, no heat treatment or welding can be carried out as the gas in the gap will expand under the action of heat, resulting in internal micro-defects and surface peeling.

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