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Causes and solutions of strain problems in aluminum alloy die castings

Released on May. 27, 2019

Causes and solutions of strain problems in aluminum alloy die castings

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China Aluminum Casting Manufacturer shares that the abrasion problem of aluminum alloy die casting is unavoidable. It is characterized by pulling marks on the casting surface caused by too small inclination of mold manufacturing due to metal adhesion in the direction of stripping. In severe cases, it becomes a pulling surface.

China Aluminum Casting Manufacturer


1. Alloy adhesion mold.

2. The iron content in aluminum alloy is less than 0.6%.

3. Casting ejection deviation or core axis deviation.

4. Core, wall pressure scars.

5. Rough wall surface.

6. Casting inclination of core and wall is too small or inclined.

7. Paint often less than spray.

Exclusion measures:

1. Correct the mold to ensure the manufacturing slope.

2. Polish indentation.

3. Reasonably design the casting system to avoid metal flow hedging the core and wall and properly reduce the filling speed.

4. Modify mold structure.

5. Polish the surface.

6. The amount of paint is thin and uniform, can not spray paint leakage.

7. Appropriately increase the iron content to 0.6~0.8%.

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