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Notes for safe production in casting enterprises in summer(part 1)

Released on May. 31, 2019

Notes for safe production in summer

Steel Casting Bearing Housing Manufacturer shares that high temperature in summer is a period of frequent accidents and disasters caused by natural disasters. According to safety statistics, accidents peak from June to September every year. How to do safety work in summer? According to the actual production process, the following points should be paid special attention to in safe production in summer:

1. Electricity safety

Hot summer weather, people wearing thin and sweaty skin, correspondingly increase the risk of electric shock. In addition, this period of time wet, electrical equipment insulation performance has been reduced. This makes summer the prone season of electrical safety accidents. Electrical safety precautions are particularly important.

2. It's safe to beat the heat

Summer weather is hot, to strengthen the ventilation in the workplace, to prevent heat stroke accident. At the same time to actively provide workers with good work, rest places, do a good job in the supply of cool drinks, high temperature workers to carry out health checks. Emergency rescue measures should be implemented for heatstroke patients, emergency rooms should be set up and necessary first-aid drugs should be prepared to ensure the life and health of employees. Only do a good job in preventing heat and cooling work, in order to eliminate the seasonal safety hazards.

Steel Casting Bearing Housing

3. Safety of pressure vessels

In the construction process, gas welding and gas cutting have become the frequent operation of construction. It is a common practice for some construction units to place cylinders directly on the construction site. In addition, a few high pressure storage tanks, such as liquefied gas spherical tank, liquid ammonia storage tank because of the summer air temperature is relatively high, high pressure gas in the sun under the irradiation of temperature rise, volume expansion, serious gas cylinders, storage tanks and other explosions caused casualties and property losses. Once an explosion occurs, it will cause secondary accidents (such as fire), which will increase the damage. It can be seen that it is very important to use and store pressure vessels in summer operation. If necessary, open the spray cooling system.

4. Wear personal protective equipment

In order to protect the personal safety of employees in the production process, all production personnel must wear personal protective equipment. Safety helmets, overalls, gloves, and safety belts should be worn at all times, just in case.

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