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[Steel Casting supplier]What is steel casting?

Released on Jun. 04, 2019

What is steel casting?

Steel Casting Company in China shares that in metal smelting, ingot casting is divided into upper casting and lower casting. The molten steel ingots are usually cast in the bottom casting method. The molten steel is released from the bottom of the molten steel ladle into the middle casting pipe and into the ingot mold from below. At this time, the shrinkage holes of the residue are concentrated in the upper part of the ingot to ensure the quality of the ingot. Usually we say the cast steel, is cast just under. The ingot of nonferrous metals is usually cast as an upper cast, which is cast into individual ingots, such as the common aluminum ingots, on which impurities cannot be separated. These two ingot casting methods are related to their subsequent processes. The ingot is used for rolling steel, and the top of the ingot can be cut off to ensure quality. The top casting is "cast" and the bottom casting is "cast". Obviously, the casting ratio can guarantee the quality. The casting performance of steel is not very good, so it is difficult to guarantee the quality. It is very important to guarantee the temperature of molten steel. For steel castings, if the smelting furnace can meet the requirements of casting, use the casting method, cut off the excess risers, cast steel quality is good. .

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