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Cause of mold of aluminum alloy die casting

Released on May. 06, 2019

Following shared by the High quality aluminum casting manufacturer.

Cause of mold of aluminum alloy die casting:

1. The environment in which aluminum die casting products are kept, temperature and humidity are suitable for mold growth;

2. Aluminum die-casting products are mixed with supersister substances on the surface, which automatically absorb moisture into the air to form galvanic cell corrosion reaction, creating an environment suitable for mold growth;

3. Aluminum die casting due to galvanic cell corrosion reaction, the surface precipitation of alkaline compounds, deliquescent temperature and humidity is appropriate, mold growth quickly;

4. On the surface of aluminum die-casting products, there are grease, plant fiber and other soil suitable for mold growth. Once the humidity and temperature are appropriate, mold growth will be rapid.

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Prevention methods:

1. Do not use sodium salt or magnesium salt refining metamorphic slagging agent, NaF component refining metamorphic agent, or N2 gas refining;

2. Do not use the release agent containing plant fiber, do not use machine cutting fluid containing plant fiber, replace the oil-based anti-rust cutting fluid;

3. Products cannot be stored in the open air for a long time, and flying dust accumulates on the surface of textile products;

4. The product packaging carton stacked on the lamp board shall be wrapped with wrapped film on 6 sides to be waterproof, and the product shall be placed on the wall after being soaked in water. The wind blows dry.

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