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Correct selection of tool materials for steel casting

Released on Apr. 29, 2019

Correct selection of tool materials for steel casting

Following shared from Steel Casting Exporter.

1. If it is the occasional production of a single piece, the rough machining can choose YG alloy tool head, the specific before and after the Angle of the knife grinding similar to the processing of cast iron pieces, according to the machining process and the rigidity of the machine tool system to grind out the appropriate tool main Angle; If the system is not rigid enough, the main deflection Angle should be 83 degrees or 90 degrees (according to the processing requirements of the end face and shoulder).

2. In the case of batch and regular processing of steel castings, valin super hard bn-s20 is a kind of clamping indexable blade specially developed for the processing of steel castings. Bn-s20 is HLCBN tool itself red hardness than hard alloy and ceramic tools, and more than ceramic tool impact resistance, a large number of experiments and cases prove that its life is several times to dozens of times the coating alloy tool. Bn-s20 can be used for roughing, semi-finishing and finishing alloy steel castings to improve machining efficiency. It is suitable for processing large steel castings, as well as high-hardness materials such as high-temperature alloy, heat-resistant and wear-resisting steel, high-hardness cast steel/cast iron, hardened steel, nitrided steel and carburized steel. And in the rough processing performance is excellent.

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