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Cutting features of large steel castings and selection of turning blades

Released on Apr. 23, 2019

Cutting features of large steel castings and selection of turning blades

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Common problems in machining large steel castings

1.1, cast steel contains manganese, chromium, nickel cutting tool is not wear-resisting, especially some large cast steel, a lot of tool processing is not finished a workpiece has been damaged, resulting in knife marks or even "knife", the impact of light processing efficiency and processing quality, heavy cause the workpiece scrapped!

1.2, there are sand, white mouth and other casting defects or discontinuous turning, easy to collapse, resulting in high tool cost.

 2. Casting steel parts in the CNC blade selection error:

At present, a lot of tool engineers and some casting steel processing plants, often choose YT class alloy tool head or for P class metal processing coated carbide tool, but it is not;

2.1, we should jump out of the "steel with YT class alloy knife head processing, cast iron with YG class knife head" misunderstanding, because cast steel is short chip material, which is different from forged steel! In particular, when rough machining or discontinuous turning of steel castings, if YT alloy tool heads are used, they will generally collapse.

2.2, if use YG kind alloy or coated carbide blade, with collapse phenomenon of knife, also can't take responsibility is easy to blame YG class segment not shock, in the final analysis is actually its not the reason of abrasion resistance

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