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Applications of centrifugal casting technology

Released on Aug. 14, 2019

Applications of centrifugal casting technology shared by Hanger Bearing factory.

Hear centrifugal casting should be able to imagine the field of application of this process, but still can not be all summarized, now small make up to explain the field of application of centrifugal casting.

Generally, it is mainly applied in the aspect of better production efficiency:

1. It is used in casting rolls of some mechanical equipment and parts of some High precision aluminum casting.

2. In addition, it is also indispensable for the casting of some special rollers.

3. Some very common steel pipes are cast by this process.

The application of centrifugal casting process was originally used in the casting pipe industry. Later, due to the continuous development of this process, it can be said that it has been applied in many industrial fields, and it is also widely used in mining, Metallurgical equipment accessories and other industries. Therefore, centrifugal casting technology can be said to occupy an important position in modern development.

High precision aluminum casting

High Precision Aluminum Casting

Correlation knowledge of coating operation process in centrifugal casting:

Careful friends can find, centrifugal casting pieces of the surface will have a layer of paint, this is in order to make the workpiece to obtain the best state. And about the centrifugal casting coating operation process, and few people understand it? Here are the basics. When casting the workpiece, the mold needs to be baked first to remove water vapor from the mold and to prevent explosion splashing by raising the mold temperature. Baking can be done by means of a blowtorch or red iron, etc., which also prepares the paint for drying.

The next steps are to clean the mold, push in the asbestos pad, fasten and lock the front end cover, and place the spout. Use the paint tube will paint into the mold, to be dry coating shell can be pouring, but it should be noted that the paint tube is easy to touch the front end cover and accident, so in the paint tube at the same time to start the machine rotation, to ensure safety. After pouring, water spray can be used to cool down properly in order to refine the grain structure, but the temperature and time should be controlled to avoid affecting the thickness of the coating.

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