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Introduction to installation of potassium sulfate production equipment

Released on Aug. 07, 2019

Introduction to installation of potassium sulfate production equipment shared by Steel Casting Bearing Housing Manufacturer.

1. Select the appropriate installation site in advance: pay attention to the loading and ventilation conditions of the water tower.

2. Pre-built cement foundation and installation of water tower support frame: the foundation of pre-built concrete or steel support frame can be constructed according to the instructions, and then the bottom basin support frame of the water tower can be assembled into a circular frame with uniform level.

3. Installation of water tower sink and basin bottom: the sink is placed on the central foundation, the outside of the basin is supported on the bottom frame, the inside of the basin is fixed on the flange surface of the sink.

4. Install the central throat tube, the central throat clip and the surrounding support frame: the central throat should be vertically installed on the flume throat curve, and then install the central throat clip, and then install the surrounding bracket.

5. Install heat sink bracket and heat sink film: connect the heat sink bracket to the throat clamp in the center, but make sure that each piece is properly strung horizontally and vertically. Tighten all screws and put them into the combined heat sink film.

6. Install shell enclosure and ladder climbing: place the shell enclosure on the enclosure bracket, then assemble and tighten the screws around the radiator fin, and install the ladder in the pre-specified position.

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7. Install sprinkler head, pipe hanger and spray pipe: install sprinkler head on top of the central throat pipe, then cover the pipe hanger on top of the sprinkler head, and then push the sprinkler pipe horizontally into the sprinkler head. Use the steel wire to prepare the pipe hanger for tension control until the sprinkler pipe is in a horizontal position, and install the sprinkler head backward with a vertical line of 10 degrees.

8. Install motor, motor frame and fan: install the motor frame horizontally on the top of the enclosure, and then put the motor and reducer into it, and then install the fan combination. Finally, add the fan network.

9. Sealing between the basin and the body: because the water tower is a multiple combination, after the installation, the need to prepare the fiber reduction paste sealing between the joints.

10. Install water spillers, floating ball combination and water filter screen: install the water spillers, floating ball combination and water filter screen in the preset place, and wrap water hose tape around the joint of throat and tooth.

11. Install into the tuyere network: the upper rubber hook installed in the shell around the bottom edge, the lower rubber hook is installed in the bottom of the basin frame, and then the return air net installed, if found there is a small obstruction, can cut it off.

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