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Mold Design Of Bearing Housing

Released on Feb. 21, 2020

Rolling die design.

The cross section of the forging is simplified, and the shape of the free-forged blank is optimized to resemble a spindle shape. The diameter of the intermediate blank is φ120mm, the diameter of the two ends is minimum φ32mm, and the total length is 480mm. A roll die as shown in Figure 2 is designed to ensure the consistency of the billet and the billing speed.

⑵Bending mold design.

The forging is in the shape of "brachiosaurus", and the head and tail ridge line angle is 145 °. The shape and angular dimension of the bending die are designed according to the ridgeline changes of the hot forging, and the bending die is on the side of the forging die. The freely forged blank is flattened and placed in a bending die, and the bent blank can be directly placed in the final forging die cavity.

(3) Final forging die design.

For the development of bearing housing products, the design of the final forging die needs to solve the main forging difficulty, which is that the head and tail ends of the forging are full.

1) The cavity size of the final forging die of the forging piece can be added and reduced according to the forging figure.

2) The projection surface of the web of the forging is large and thin. It is reflected in the mold that the cavity is wide and shallow. According to the conventional design, the material is easy to run from the cavity to the warehouse, resulting in low material utilization. The resistance wall structure is designed so that the deformation and flow of the billet during the initial stage of die forging is restricted by the side walls of the resistance wall around it, increasing the resistance of the billet to outward flow, and forcing the metal to flow to both ends to fill the cavity.

Bearing Housing

Bearing Housing

Process trial production:

In the early stage of forging development, there were some quality problems. The main defect was that the forging was not full, which mainly occurred at the ends of the forging and the forks. In the early stage, the bridge warehouse was designed according to the conventional design scheme, resulting in a low material utilization rate and a low qualification rate. Through the design optimization, the mold of the resistance wall structure was designed, which greatly improved the product qualification rate and material utilization rate.

The steel casting bearing housing manufacturer believes:

⑴The combined process of free forging and rolling and die forging can be used to form bearing seat forgings with high accuracy requirements.

⑵The use of numerical simulation methods can effectively assist the design of the forging process, improve the design efficiency, and improve the success rate of product development;

(3) The bridge design of the resistance sill is adopted, and the forgings have a good forming effect. There are no defects such as filling dissatisfaction and puncture. The dimensions meet the requirements and the quality is stable.

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