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How Are the Bearings Mounted? What Should Be Paid Attention to?

Released on Mar. 21, 2020

Bearings are preferably used in applications that require simple equipment and parts, such as agricultural machinery, transportation systems, or construction machinery.

When the bearing housing is installed, the bearing is sleeved on the shaft, the bearing housing is firmly fixed on the support surface, and then the bearing is fastened on the shaft. The method of tightening the bearing and the shaft is: for an outer spherical bearing with an eccentric sleeve, the eccentric sleeve is sleeved on the eccentric stage of the bearing inner ring, and the eccentric sleeve is tightened in the direction of rotation of the shaft, and then the hexagonal screw wrench is used to tighten the Tighten the screws.

How Are the Bearings Mounted? What Should Be Paid Attention to?

Bearing Housing

Note during bearing installation:

(1) Correct installation is very important for the use of steel casting pillow block bearings. I hope you can use the correct installation method in future use.

(2) During installation, you can choose mechanical, heating or hydraulic methods according to its type and size. The force applied to the mounted bearing during installation must not be transmitted from one bearing ring to another through the rolling elements, otherwise the raceway may be damaged. However, under no circumstances should the bearing rings, cages, rolling elements or seals be struck directly.

(3) Do not tighten the bolts fixing the bearing seat first, and make the bearing jacket rotate in the bearing seat. Then tighten the bearing seat bolts. At the same time, install the bearing and seat on the other end of the same shaft, rotate the shaft a few times, and let the bearing automatically position itself.

(4) Install an eccentric sleeve. The eccentric sleeve is first sleeved on the eccentric step of the bearing inner sleeve and tightened by hand in the direction of rotation of the shaft. Then the small iron rod is inserted or pressed against the counterbore on the eccentric sleeve. Use the hammer to strike the small direction Iron rod. Make the eccentric sleeve securely installed, and finally tighten the hexagon socket screw on the eccentric sleeve.

(5) Before installing a bearing with a bearing on the shaft, you must first remove the fixing pin of the bearing jacket, and at the same time, smooth the surface of the journal, and grease and rust and lubricate the journal (allowing the bearing to have a little on the shaft) Turn).

(6) Apply lubricating oil to the bearing seat and bearing mating surface, and install the bearing in the bearing seat. Then put the assembled bearing and bearing housing on the shaft. Push to the required position for installation. Disassembly and assembly techniques for bearings with bearings Maintenance techniques and technical points for bearing installation Bearings.

The above is the detailed content introduced by the custom bearing housing manufacturer. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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