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We have Professional Craft Engineers & Mould Engineer with more than 30 years of casting experience. 

Adopt CAD and 3D Solid-Works design software to analyze and design casting mold and casting craft.

Adopt Solidification simulation software visually to improve and optimize the casting craft plan.

Work instructions and inspection specifications formulated in every critical step during the production, inspection and welding process.

Provide indoctrination and training for personnel, make sure they can fully follow procedures.

Qualified WPS and professional welders guarantee welding quality, welding map will be provided.

Inspectors are qualified with international certificates.

Inspection Records keep for at least 3 years. Coupon keeps for at least 2 years for critical parts.

Subcontract testing witness at the site, analyze all the original documents, such as Heat Treatment, RT Test.

Non-conforming products identified, documented, and segregated.

Unique Series Number along with each piece of casting.

Material DesignationMechanical property
(MPa)Tensile Strength(MPa)Yield Strength(%)Elongation(akv.aku)Impact Value(HB)Hardness

StandardAchieveStandardAchieveStandardAchieve 3.jpgStandardAchieve
ZL101225270 3.jpg 3.jpg14 3.jpg7080
ZL101A295340210260310 3.jpg80100
ZL10429033024027027 3.jpg8595
ZAlMg42002801001601025 3.jpg6080

The production process of products are mainly divided into the following 4 steps

1.smelting 2. casting 3. heat treatment 4. machine processing

*Before smelting, We will conduct a spectroscopic analysis of raw materials to ensure their quality.

During smelting, we mainly control the temperature and time of melting. Time and temperature are set by machines and equipment. Meanwhile, We are equipped with a timing device and handheld thermometer to check actual parameters.

*Before casting, We will analyze the aluminum liquid before the production.

During casting, the main parameters are temperature, time and pressure. Temperature, time and pressure will be set up on the machine and then cast. At the same time, We will record the time, temperature and pressure of each product and mark it for tracking.

FAI of the casting: We will use X-ray for flaw detection, analyze the interior structure before production. During production, the product will be inspected randomly to verify quality consistency.

*We mainly control the temperature and time which are controlled by computers and monitored by a recorder for process parameters check.

After heat treatment, We will test the mechanical properties on the test specimens to check if they can meet the standard requirements.

*Before machining, our technician will prepare the working instruction and production process.

FAI will be done on the first machined part before serial production. After that, the operators will conduct self-inspection and random inspection will be done by the quality department during production.

The inspection instruments will be maintained and calibrated periodically.

The inspector will conduct the FAI, routine inspection and delivery inspection of the machined products.


The copper-bearing,iron-based,copper-based and copper alloy series of oil-bearing designed by our company has high precision, good wear resistance, and low noise, They are widely used in household appliances, motors, electric tools, electric toys, communication, and audiovisual equipment and other fields. High-performance compact mechanical components are widely used in electric tools, automobiles, motorcycles, office machinery, textile machinery, and other fields because of their high precision and low prices.


Providing quality protection programs for customers is our long-term goal, which guides our continuous improvement and exploration in the field of protecting products. At present, we have the production capacity of dip molding, injection molding, extrusion and blister, the products are widely used in automobile, electronics, communication, aerospace, garden tools, hardware tools, machinery, daily necessities, and gifts industries, to provide customers with novel, unique, high quality, convenient products, and services.

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